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Modern servers are capable of millions of transactions per second. They consume significant amounts of power, and produce tremendous amounts of heat while conducting the high amperage to manage these transactions.

Excessive heat can cause malfunctions and irreversible damage to servers while being expensive to manage. Therefore, minimizing temperature rise is a key concern when designing power systems for data centers.

AIPG has industry leading experience engineering high current and high density interconnect solutions. Our RADSOK technology and our proven engineering experience for harsh environments enable Amphenol Industrial Products Group to develop optimal solutions for server power interconnect needs.




Power to board

Power to Board
High speed and high density electronics have driven demand for significant increases in the amount of power needed for power to board applications. To meet the need for higher current density interconnect Amphenol Industrial Products Group developed the RADSOK® Power to Board series of connectors. RADSOK® Power to Board solutions facilitate the distribution of power with higher amperage, while allowing the design engineer to achieve size and weight reductions.

Conventional interconnects are limited in their ability to deliver high current with out consuming excessive board surface area. The RADSOK® Power to Board series of connectors incorporates a hyperbolic lamella socket contact construction that provides more contact surface area. The high performance contact enables higher current carrying capabilities with lower temperature rises than traditional contact systems.

Amphenol RADSOK® Power to Board product line offers many options for delivering high current, single-point connections to the PCB. Please contact your Amphenol Industrial representative for product extensions and custom applications.





MIL-C-26482 I系标准、冲压端子、商用PT连接器。
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