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方形, 热塑材料,铜合金镀银RADSOK 端子, 快速安装, 耐恶劣环境,电源信号连接器


主要用于电动车&混合动力车的电池组件的快速安装充电连接器。我们的浮式盲插连接器提供电源和信号连接功能,电流高达350安培。热塑外壳与铜合金镀银RADSOK端子10.3mm, 8.0mm, and 2.4mm.          


·         浮式插座&自动导向连接
·         100%确保盲插, 最少5,000 次插拔
·         浮动容差: X+-5mm; Z=-5mm (每边)
·         电流最大可达350安培
·         额外的信号位置使适用范围更宽
·         600 VAC 最大工作电压
·        1200 VAC最大电介质耐压
·         49° F to + 257° F (-40° C to + 125° C) 工作温度
·         RADSOK 压接端子尺寸 10.3mm, 8.0mm, and 2.4mm


·         IP65





Micro-Bayonet Connector Series

Cylindrical, Metal, Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment, Low Power & Signal Connector


Amphenol Industrial offers a high performance circular connector product range developed for industrial applications where electrical performance must be met with affordability. High mating cycles along with excellent shell to shell electrical bonding for EMI are the benchmark of rugged connectors. Amphenol's new Micro-Bayonet series provides the solution that meets your budget and performance goals. Amphenol Industrial has filled the gap between the most ruggedized military grade connectors and the consumer grade connectors with the Micro-B.

Micro-B utilizes a robust triple bayonet coupling mechanism along with an internal EMI ground spring to provide excellent shell to shell conductivity. Various mounting options are available including in-line and 2 hole flange mount configurations.


Features & Benefits
·         Low cost solution, an alternative for D-sub
·         Used for signal control, low current application
·         Simplified Termination with Tape and Reel Contacts
·         Shell-to-Shell Shielding
·         Bayonet Coupling Provides Quick and Positive Locking
·         Easy to crimp and install
·         Meets Smoke, Toxicity and Flammability Requirements
·         High Reliability Interconnect for Demanding Applications
·         Secure Latching
·         Tool-Less & Fast Mate
·         Compact and Lightweight
·         High Density


·          RoHS Compliant


Cable Glands ATEX

Cylindrical, Metal, Coupling, Benign environment


Amphenol Industrial Operations, the worldwide leader of explosion proof and hazardous environment interconnects, introduces our broad range of explosion proof and industrial cable glands. The new Cable Gland product line is designed to perform in the most demanding environments. Amphenol’s complete line of EX Zone 1 and 2 rated cable glands offer our customers great flexibility. In addition, we have a complete line of general duty industrial application cable glands suitable for armored and unarmored cable.


Features & Benefits
· ATEX/IECEx/CSA Certified
· IP, Deluge and NEMA rated product options
· Brass & Stainless Steel Base materials available
· Variety of plating options available
· Metric and NPT thread styles available
· Full line of accessories including locknuts, washers, shrouds, etc
· Styles available to accommodate most cable options
· Compound filled gland styles available
· Sealing plugs and seal drains available
· Industrial gland options (non-hazardous applications)


· ATEX Certified
· IECEx Certified
· CSA Approved
· IP66/68 & Deluge Rated
· UL Approved Glands Available






·         RADSOK® 端子尺寸3.6mm和5.7mm
·         120A和70A额定电流的2芯结构 
·         直角出口高度小于1/2英寸的连接高度
·         压接端子接线尺寸范围12AWG到4AWG, 带闩锁的外壳结构
·         RADSOK® 端子电镀镍银
·         耐高温LCP外壳适应PCB安装插座的SMT处理


·         UL
·         IEC finger touch safe
·         RoHS Compliant


Cord Grips



工业线夹确保您的电线和电缆固定在其内而其他附件在其外。这个产品为电线电缆和柔性电线管的不透液耐扭护线接头而设计。有直头, 45°, 90°外形款式可选。Amphenol/Pyle 线夹通过了ULCSA双重认证,提供一系列完整的密封和硬件类型。不管应用是要求小的直头的密封外形设计还是要求大的弯头的款式,Amphenol/Pyle National线夹都提供加固的铝组件以经受多年的使用。
·          通过UL和CSA认证
·         锥形橡胶垫圈和橡胶座
·         多种款式: 直头, 45°, 90°等
·         多种耐扭保护接头可选,包括压紧螺母型, 机械线夹型或编织结构型
·         锥形的导管螺纹提供牢固的配合和密封
·         机加工铝组件提供了更加坚固持久的电缆密封选择
·         UL
·         CSA


High performance circular connector for industrial applications where electrical performance must be met with affordability.
Offshore Wind Market: 
We have the right solution for your wind power application.
Gray ZnNi Plating
Gray ZnNi Plating:
RoHS plating with 500 hour salt spray capability.
Amphe Pd Power Bus thumb
Plastic 2 pole connecor with RADSOK contacts, up to 120 amps.

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