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Lighting Market


At Amphenol we understand Lighting has unique interconnect needs. Amphenol provides high performance connectors, wire and cable, fiber-optic connectors and management equipment, custom assemblies and interconnection products for professional lighting markets.

We know lighting has more product applications than just illumination. Cabling, dimmers, lighting instruments, and controllers are all part of the ecosystem. Amphenol offers the widest selection of robust interconnect products that can complement all industrial lighting needs.

Technical Specifications
  • • Amphenol Anytek offers three fixed-type series terminal blocks used in LED lighting and lighting control applications, including HB series, HC series and NQ series.
  • • Amphenol Sine Systems offers a range of products ideal for the lighting industry, such as the eco|mate® Aquarius series and the A series AT thermoplastic connector series
  • • Amphenol LTW (ALTW) offers the widest range of connector series, including X-Lok (push lock and blind mate) with extended options in screw-in termination, HS-Lok (push-pull and blind mate), circular lock bayonet and threaded connectors, M12/M8 shielded series, FICX series, as well as the SSL series for both indoor and outdoor applications

Lighting News

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Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world with over 62,000 employees and $6.3 billion in annual sales for 2016. Amphenol trades on the NYSE (APH) with a current market cap of over $27B. Over the past 80 years, Amphenol has revolutionized the telecommunication, aviation, space exploration, automotive, mobile device, industrial and computing industries with its best in class interconnect technologies. In 2008, Amphenol formed Amphenol Industrial Solar Technologies (AIST), fundamentally focused on providing the highest quality and most innovative solution for the PV industry at the best prices. AIST has a global manufacturing and customer support network that encompasses module manufacturers, development, engineering and installation. From the PV Junction boxes to our labor saving and innovative cable assemblies and grounding products to our combiner boxes, AIST provides a complete resource for the entire PV DC system. With its history, strength and integrity, Amphenol is determined to develop long term relationships and revolutionize the solar industry.

First Solar Logo

5GW + PV Harness Solutions     installed Worldwide

·         Series 4 and 6 Harnesses
·         Certified to UL/IEC standards up to 1500V
·         Continuous reliability performance testing far beyond
                regulatory standards
·         Global manufacturing presence
·         Local/ O&M component supply in all key regions

       Series 4 1 smallSeries 6 1 small

              Series 4                              Series 6

For More Information
  • Series 4 Harness Drawings
  • Series 6 Harness Drawings
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Solar Field




Mining Brochure News

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Starline EX and Amphe-EX 防爆连接器通过澳大利亚TUV认证




安费诺工业全球营运部扩大了全球性业务,其Starline EX 和 Amphe-EX系列连接器通过了澳大利亚TUV认证,也是连接器市场内首个获此殊荣的多Pin针电源/信号连接器产品。这个认证允许我们的Starline EX 和Amphe-EX两个连接器系列均可用于澳大利亚采矿和天然气市场。


Austrailian TUV News

新闻稿 (pdf)



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