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Lug, Copper, Industrial, Crimp, Power


Amphenol Industrial Operations introduces a series of high amperage, high conductivity copper terminals for use in harsh environment applications. These terminals are available for metric or AWG wire in one or two hole designs. Electro-tin plating on the terminals is standard. An inspection hole is provided to ensure adequate cable insertion is achieved. A listing of recommended crimping instructions and tools is available upon request.


Features & Benefits
·            Straight, 45°, and 90° barrels available
·            Wire sizes: 8AWG ~ 4/0AWG
·            Voltage range: 600V ~ 35KV
·            Crimp termination with standard color-coded dies
·            One or Two Hole
·            Electro-Tin Plating
·            Inspection hole


·         RoHS Compliant
·         UL and CSA certification


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