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Cable, Metal, Harsh Environment


For many years Seismic Exploration Companies have looked for a solution to keep their seismic crews working in conditions where small animal and rodent bites have shut them down. Steward Cable Inc. has designed a cost effective solution to expensive conventional armoring of cables and has found a solution ensuring the crew’s productivity through ArmorLight protected cables.  
Seismic Crews using cables protected with ArmorLight have seen their production in these areas improve tremendously. Another benefit for cables using ArmorLight is the crush factor which should improve cable life in areas where multiple road crossings are encountered.


Features & Benefits
·         Low cost solution to conventional Armoring
·         Improved Crush Factor
·         Light Weight Only 7 lbs per 1000 ft length on s .340” OD cable
·         Bend Radius of 2 inches “very Flexible”
·         Cable sizes from .250” to .500”
·         Durable polyurethane jacket with UV stabilizer
·         Abrasion Resistive Protection for inner cable bundle
·         Operational Temperatures -40 Celsius to +70 Celsius



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