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Solar module wire grounding component, Glass filled polyamid, Stainless steel

HelioClip is a grounding component for solar modules and solar racking systems allowing easy termination to the ground wire.

HelioClip provides a quick, economical and code compliant solution to securely ground PV panels and support structures.

HelioClip is compliant with UL2703; that means it is specifically approved for Photovoltaic applications and can be used on ANY PV panel with metal frame. No need for explicit panel manufacturer approval, no need to stock manufacturer specific grounding equipment.

Features & Benefits
· Fastest, most economical PV panel grounding solution
· Designed for UL2703
· Meets all new NEC 2008/2011 requirements
· Can be used on ANY metal frame PV panel
· Quick installation with single screw
· No special tools needed
· Use with 10 or 12AWG (6 or 4 mm2) solid, bare copper wire
· Stainless steel contact prevents corrosion
· Wire wiping action cuts through corrosion and dirt on grounding wire
· Captive screw, can’t be lost
· Wire snap temporarily holds grounding wire until HelioClip is in closed position
· Quick wire termination, connects is seconds

· NEC 2008/2011
· UL2703


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