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Cylindrical, Plastic, Threaded Coupling, Multi-Phase, Power Connector


The Amphe-PRB is a plastic reverse bayonet connector. Designed for one, two, or three phase applications with up to five contacts including one for ground. This series lends itself well to a wide variety of applications in alternative energy, telecommunications, or anything that uses an electric motor like electric or hybrid vehicles. The PRB series is ideal for in field installation with crimp and set screw terminations using standard contacts or our patented RADSOK® sockets as an option. The Amphe-PRB is touch proof and rugged enough to withstand exposure to moisture with an IP67 rating.


Features & Benefits
·         Reverse Bayonet Coupling
·         Up to three phases
·         Operating Voltage: 500V AC Max.
·         Current Rating: 33A to 80A
·         IP2X Touch Proof Contacts
·         Set Screw Termination on Plug Side, Crimp Termination on Receptacle Side


·         UL94-V0
·         IP67


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