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H4 PV 光伏连接器



Amphenol Industrial Solar Technologies’ H4 PV Connector is the premiere solar connector in the market today. Carries more amps than the industry standard connector. Meets the NEC 2008/2011 standard “as is” no additional locking-clip required. Available in four different gauges: 31A(2.5mm2, AWG14), 42A(4.0mm2, AWG12), 53A(6.0mm2, AWG10), 65A(10.0mm2, AWG8).


Features & Benefits
· Fully mate-able with UTX connectors
· Long-term UV and Ozone resistance
· Highest current rating in industry
· Highest voltage rating in industry
· Complete Cable Assemblies available
· Low contact resistance means low power loss
· Ready for field assembly


· UL 1500V
· TUV 1500V (Class B)
· NEC Code Compliant (no locking sleeve required)
· RoHS compliant


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