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H4 PV Panel Connector

Panel, Power, Solar Connector


Amphenol Industrial Solar Technologies’ H4 PV Panel Connector is the premiere solar panel connector in the market today. Carries more amps than the industry standard connector. Meets the NEC 2008/2011 standard “as is” no additional components required. Available in four different gauges: 31A(2.5mm2, AWG14), 42A(4.0mm2, AWG12), 53A(6.0mm2, AWG10), 65A(10.0mm2, AWG8).


Features & Benefits
·         UL and TUV dual approval
·         Fully mate-able with UTX connectors
·         Meets all NEC 2008/2011 requirements
·         Long-term UV and Ozone resistance
·         Highest current rating in industry
·         Low contact resistance means low power loss
·         Ready for field assembly


·         UL 1500V
·         TUV 1500V (Class B)
·         NEC Code Compliant (no locking sleeve required)
·         RoHS compliant


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