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Solar module wire grounding component, Stainless steel

HelioBolt is a grounding component for solar modules and solar racking systems allowing easy termination to the ground wire.

HelioBolt provides a quick, economical and code compliant solution to securely ground PV panels and support structures.

HelioBolt is designed for UL2703; that means it is specifically approved for Photovoltaic applications and can be used on ANY PV panel with a metal frame. No need for explicit panel manufacturer approval, no need to stock manufacturer specific grounding equipment.

Features & Benefits
·         Fast, economical PV panel grounding solution
·         Designed for UL2703
·         Meets all new NEC 2008/2011 requirements
·         Can be used on ANY metal frame PV panel
·         Quick installation with single screw
·         Quick wire termination
·         No special tools needed
·         Stainless steel contact prevents corrosion
·         Use with all 4-10AWG solid, bare copper wire
·        100% passivated stainless steel construction
·        Jam nut allows to secure the bolt in any wire direction
·        Side Wire Insert allows compression nut to stay in place during installation

·          NEC 2008/2011
·          UL2703


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