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P Lok

Circular, Aluminum, Push Pull Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power/Signal/Mix Connector


P-Lok® connectors represent Amphenol’s commitment to providing “Solutions By Design”. P-Lok® connectors are rapid mating, push pull connectors capable of being implemented where Mil C-5015 connectors or their commercial equivalents might be specified. Engineered to provide reliable yet convenient electrical connections for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications, P-Lok® connectors are available in multi-pin arrangements to satisfy your power, signal or hybrid applications. P-Lok® connectors are part of Amphenol’s Amphe-Power® Family of Connectors. This product family is enhanced with Amphenol’s patented RADSOK® contact technology, providing a 50% increase in amperage over similarly sized contact solutions.


Features & Benefits
·         Rapid mate spring loaded, push to mate, pull to unmate coupling system
·         Audible & tactile confirmation of positive locking connection
·         Eliminates issues inherent in threaded connectors such as cross threading, improper mating & loose connections
·         Insert arrangements available in 1 -26 conductor arrangements
·         Contact size ranges from 16 awg to 4/0 awg (available in Single Pin Power design)
·         Amperage ratings up to 500 amp
·         First mate/Last break dead front style available
·         Operating Temperature range of -55°C to +125°C
·         Corrosion resistance plating available including Nickel, OD Cadmium, Black ZInc
·         Available in straight or 90° backshells, with clamps or basketweave strain relief


·         IP 67 rated environmentally sealed
·         Meets many Mil-C-5015 product performance specifications
·         Service ratings from 250 VDC through 1750 VDC


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