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97 Series   97 Series: Low cost, mil-derivative metal cylindrical multi –pin connector. Mates with MIL-DTL-5015.   AC Threaded   AC Threaded: Low cost, MIL-DTL-5015 derivative. With over 286 layout patterns.   ACA-B Series   ACA-B Series: The commercial equivalent to our GT series.
DHR   DHR: Downnhole Rotatable Connector series for high temperature, high pressure applications.
Amphe-Armor GT   Amphe Armor: High amperage capability connectors for the Geophysical market.   Amphe-Base   Amphe-Base: Provides 120 amps per circuit to printed circuit board or bus bar applications.
Amphe-DB   Amphe-DB: Industrial filter and chip capacitor board with a modified MIL-5015 connector.   Amphe-EX   Amphe-EX: Miniature explosion-proof threaded connector rated to current ATEX & IECEX standard.   Amphe-GTR   Amphe-GTR: Composite reverse bayonet with RADSOK® contacts.
Amphe-Lite   Amphe-Lite: Designed for communications equipment manufacturers with the need for signal and power connections.   Amphe-Lite Non Magnetic   Amphe-Lite Non-Magnetic: Harsh environment composite connector that is 100% non-magnetic.   Amphe-PD Power Bus   Amphe-PD™ Power Bus: Plastic 2 pole connecor with RADSOK® contacts, up to 70 amps.
Amphe-PGY   RADSOK® PGY™: RADSOK® Power to Board.   Amphe-Power   Amphe-Power: 5015 derivatives incorporating RADSOK® technology.   Amphe PowerBlok thumb   RADSOK® PowerBlok™: RADSOK® Power to Board.