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Submariner Series

Cylindrical, Rectangular, Metal, Rubber, Threaded Coupling, Press Fit, Underwater, Dry Mate, Wet Mate


Amphenol Oil and Gas, a division of Amphenol Industrial Global Operations, now offers a variety of dry-mate and wet-mate connectors. With versatile design and exceptional manufacturing techniques, Amphenol connectors can withstand the harshest underwater conditions. Our interconnects are highly sought out by leading oil and gas exploration companies for their ability to excel in the most demanding environments.

The Submariner series of connectors has been used in many diverse applications including diving equipment, ROV’s, submersible pumps, and underwater cameras.


Features & Benefits
·         Depth: > 6,000 meters (600 bar)
·         Operating Temperature: -5˚C to 65˚C
·         Max Operating Voltage: 600V
·         Machine-molded Neoprene insulation material
·         Options for 316 Stainless, Titanium, and Aluminum bulkhead material
·         Gold-plated Contacts per MIL-G 45204 at 30 microns
·         Cable assembly/pigtail available
·         Fully compatible with other industry standard connectors


·         MIL-G 45204