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Crimp Compression Lug, Plastic Snap Together Housing, RADSOK® Technology.


The SurLok™ non-environmental compression lug is a field installable, highly reliable, economic alternative to high conductivity, cast copper one or two hole compression lugs. The head of the SurLok™ pin snaps into a retaining device incorporated into the socket, providing a secure connection that ensures voltage and amperage levels are maintained throughout the duration of the application.  




Features & Benefits
·         Sizes Range from 3.6mm (70A) to 14mm (500A)
·         Meets or Exceeds Electrical Performance of Bolt On Lugs
·         Crimps with Industry Color Coded U-Die or 4 Indenter Crimp Tools
·         Snap Together Plastic Protective Cover
·         Engagement Force 2 – 5 lbs., 10 – 15 lbs Locking Force
·         Separation Force 10 – 15 lbs.
·         Silver Plated Electrical Engagement Area – Matte Tin Crimp Barrel
·         Pin is Retained by Male Metric Threads in Bus Bar or Laminate
·         RADSOK® Technology boost Amperage by 50%
·         Ideal for Applications Requiring Frequent Mating Cycles or “Plug and Play” setups





·         UL1977

·         RoHS Compliant


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