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Amphe-Lite   Amphe-Lite: Designed for communications equipment manufacturers with the need for signal and power connections.  Amphe-Lite Quadrax   Amphe-Lite Quadrax: Designed for high-speed signal applications in ruggedized and high vibration environments.  Amphe-Lug   Amphe-Lug: High amperage, high conductivity copper terminal lugs for use in harsh environment applications.  
Amphe-Mine EX   Amphe-Mine EX: Underground mining explosion proof stainless steel connector.  Amphe-OBTS   Amphe-OBTS: The ideal solution for field installable base station power.  Amphe-PD   Amphe-PD: Plastic 2 pole connecor with RADSOK contacts, up to 120 amps.  
Amphe-Power   Amphe-Power: 5015 derivatives incorporating RADSOK technology.  Amphe-PPM   Amphe-PPM: A Push/Pull connector which provides positive mating in limited space and ease of use.  Amphe-PRB   Amphe-PRB: Multi-phase plastic reverse bayonet connector.  
Amphe-RC   Amphe-RC: Cylindrical power connector based on the rear-release Matrix 5015.  Amphe-RXS   Amphe-RXS: A mix of power and signal terminals in one compact package.  Amphe-SP3   Amphe-SP3: Single Pole Plastic Power Connector with RADSOK contact.  
Amphe-TVS   Amphe-TVS: Designed for communications equipment manufacturers with power interconnect requirements.  ArmorLight   ArmorLight: A cost effective solution to expensive conventional armoring of cables.  ASE Industrial Connector   ASE Industrial Connector: Ruggedized connector for harsh environments & factory automation.  

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