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AT Circular Series   AT Circular Series: 3, 5, and 9-way diagnostic connector with J1939 interface (9 way).  AT Machine Contacts   AT Machine Contacts: Machined size 16 contacts that are commonly used in J1939 connectors.  ATHD   ATHD: Thermoplastic, single pole, in-line connection systems to replace splices and/or provide power wherever needed.  
Cable Glands ATEX   Cable Glands ATEX: Industrial and explosion proof designed to perform in the most demanding environments.  Cable Glands Industrial   Cable Glands Industrial: Liquid tight cable glands suitable for armored and unarmored cables.  CMB   CMB: A low cost alternative to our PT line.  
Cord Grips   Cord Grips: A complete array of sealing and hardware types.  EMI Wind-Lok   EMI Wind-Lok: A reverse bayonet single pole EMI high-power connector.  ePower   ePower: Designed for the demanding requirements of hybrid, electric vehicles & utility trucks electrical systems.  
ePower-Lite   ePower-Lite: Plastic power connector series designed to be used in the hybrid electric vehicle market.  GT   GT: Reverse bayonet connectors for every environment and application.  GT Quadrax   GT Quadrax: High Speed contacts in a Reverse Bayonet Package  
GTC-M   GTC-M: This series is a combination of the best features and benefits of our GT and Matrix MIL-C 5015 series connectors.  H4 PV Connector   H4 PV Connector: The premiere solar connector in the market today, featuring RADSOK contacts.  H4 PV Panel Connector   H4 PV Panel Connector: The premiere solar bulkhead connector in the market today, featuring RADSOK contacts.  

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