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PT 26482   PT 26482: Miniature power & signal connector.  Quadrax   Quadrax: High speed contacts.  Quelarc   Quelarc: Threaded or Push/Pull Power Connector series for rugged harsh environment applications.  
RADLOK   RADLOK: Quick-Connect lug featuring RADSOK technology, with single finger operation.  RADSOK PGY   RADSOK PGY: RADSOK Power to Board.  RADSOK PowerBlok   RADSOK PowerBlok: RADSOK Power to Board.  
RADSOK PowerBlok WTB   RADSOK PowerBlok WTB: RADSOK Wire to Board.  RADSOK RadFin   RADSOK RadFin: RADSOK Power to Board.  RADSOK RadStack   RADSOK RadStack: Mezzanine Power to Board.  
RADSOK SMT RADSERT   RADSOK SMT RADSERT: RADSOK Power to Board.  RIG-Lok   RIG-Lok: An Oil & Gas reverse bayonet connector which incorporates our RADSOK contacts.  Rig-Power   Rig-Power: Single pole connectors which are standard for top drive interconnects.  
RoboLok   RoboLok: 3 position high current connectors, featuring RADSOK R4 Technology.  RPT & Overmolded RPT   RPT & Overmolded RPT: Based on the 26482 with a stronger shell and reinforced keyway for the Geophysical Market.  Star-Line   Star-Line: Heavy duty, environmentally sealed plugs and receptacles used in petrochemical & geophysical applications.  

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