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97 E Pre-Earth FMLB

Cylindrical, Multi-pin, Pre-Earth, First-Mate Last-Break, Threaded Coupling


Amphenol Industrial's Pre-Earth/First Mate Last Break Connectors are designed for applications where a protective circuit from the ground contact to the shell is critical. These connectors provide a path for any stray voltage to be shunted to a safe ground avoiding harm to the operator and the voltage sensitive equipment.


Features & Benefits
·         Pre-earth (contact grounded to shell) design
·         First mate, last break capability
·         Designed to meet IEC/EN 61984 (in processing) UL recognition file E115497
·         Class IP67 protection, receptacle in unmated and plug in mated condition
·         MIL-5015 dimensions and performance where applicable. Intermateable with MS 5015 and 97 Series
·         Offer shell styles: 3102A box mount, 3106A straight plug
·         Standard plating is black zinc alloy. Green zinc and other plating types are optional


·         IP67
·         IEC/EN 61984
·         UL

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