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ACA-B Series
Cylindrical, Metal, Reverse Bayonet, Environmental & Rugged for Power and Signal Applications.
Amphenol ACA-B connectors are designed for commercial and industrial applications requiring a reverse bayonet style coupling device for high power and/or signal. Similar in design to a MIL-DTL-5015, ACA-B’s are a quick, positive mating type of connector perfect for markets such as factory automation, robotics and process control equipment. Amphenol’s ACA-B series has proven itself valuable in the military ground vehicle and alternative energy markets because of its low cost, high reliability design.

 Features & Benefits


·         Rugged aluminum shell style
·         Available in crimp and solder terminations with silver or gold plating
·         Optional shell platings available
·         Intermateable with VG95234 and other reverse bayonet connectors
·         500+ mating cycles
·         High shock and vibration resistance
·         Audible, tactile, and visual indication of positive coupling
·         No lockwiring necessary
·         Operating temperature: -55°C to +125°C
·         Low Smoke and Fluid Resistant inserts available



·         Meets certain elements of VG95234
·         EN 45545-2
·         IP67 rating

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