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Amphenol's NEW Agriculture Brochure

Amphenol is pleased to announce the release of our NEW Agriculture Brochure.

At Amphenol we understand Agriculture sensors and lighting have unique interconnect needs. Amphenol provides high performance connectors, wire and cable, custom assemblies, sensors and interconnection products for professional Agriculture applications. We know lighting and sensing has more product requirements than just illumination or detection. Cabling, lighting instruments, monitoring of temperature, humidity and CO2, as well as, controllers are all part of the ecosystem.

Amphenol Industrial Products Group and Amphenol Advanced Sensors have partnered in support of smart greenhouse environments with monitoring, control, and interconnect resoluteness. Amphenol offers the widest selection of robust interconnect products that can complement all Agriculture needs.

Our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest degree of quality and sold by a worldwide sales and marketing organization.
You can download this new brochure from our website or through the image link provided below.

Amphenol's NEW Agriculture Brochure


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