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AHVB Connector Series


Amphenol Industrial now offers a revolutionary high vibration brush terminal series designed to withstand harsh environments. By intermeshing two small wire bundles together, a superior electrical connection is made with 14 to 70 points of contact per mated pair.

The brush-like terminal technology is comprised of multiple strands of high tensile strength wire bundled together on each side of the contact and hooded for protection. These compact size 22 signal terminals are able to accommodate up to size 16 gage cable or a PCB tail and are rated up to 5 A continuous.

Amphenol’s high vibration brush (AHVB) is designed to withstand vibrations of at least 53.8 grms at 8 hours per axis and 2,000 Hz. It is an innovation that can be used for all signal applications including in-lines, sensors, fuel systems, and control modules. It is ideal for on-engine applications and fixed positions where high vibration fret resistance and environmental performance is critical to function.



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