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Cylindrical, Metal Finishing, Threaded Coupling, Harsh and Hazardous Environment, Power and Signal Connector.


Amphenol Industrial Operations, the worldwide leader in explosion proof and hazardous environment interconnects, introduces a new, miniature, explosion-proof threaded connector specifically designed to allow a signal to pass through Zone rated areas using coax, fiber optic cables, or standard copper.  The new Amphe-EX™ is complimentary to Amphenol’s industry-proven Star-Line EX™.  In addition, the rugged Amphe-EX™ connectors are ATEX and IECex approved for Zone 1 rated applications. Fiber Optic Custom Cable Assemblies available up request.


Features & Benefits


·         Conductor options: Copper, Fiber Optic, Coaxial, Mixed
·         Flexible Insert Layout Options
·         Machined High Grade Aluminum Hardware
·         Corrosion Resistant Plating exceeds 300 day salt spray testing
·         Aluminum/Brass/Stainless Steel Material Options
·         RJ 45 and USB insert options available
·         Double lead mating provides ease of mating
·         Large wire spacing in backshells allows easy contact installation
·         Accepts a wide variety of cable options, including armored styles
·         Numerous alternate insert rotations available to prevent miss-mating


·         SIRA ATEX Certified 07ATEX1229X
·         SIRA IECEx Certified  SIR 08.0029X
·         Cenelec IP 68 rated
·         RoHS Compliant Available
·         Inserts designed around Mil –DTL 38999 standards

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