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Tubing, Irradiated or Cross-Linked Materials

Amphe-HST (Heat Shrink Technologies) is Amphenol’s heat shrink tubing series that includes Thin Wall Tubing, High Temperature, Dual Wall Tubing, Medium and Heavy Wall Tubing, and Medium Voltage Tubing and Tape.

Amphe-HST complies with EU RoHS environmental standards and is widely used in low-voltage applications and medium-voltage transmission and distribution as well as insulation protection. Amphe-HST provides effective insulation and protection to functional parts, components and systems at an affordable cost in all the markets of electronics, energy, rail mass transit, heavy equipment, HEV, Robotics, telecommunication, mining, oil and gas, etc.

Along with heat shrink tubing, the Amphe-HST series also provides molded parts, marker sleeves and application equipment.


Features & Benefits

·         2:1 to 6:1 shrink ratios
·         Irradiated or cross-linked materials
·         Low longitudinal shrinkage
·         Wide temperature range
·         Chemical and solvent resistant
·         Choice of standard and custom colors
·         Unlined and adhesive lined
·         Medium voltage solution up to 36KV


·         UL/CSA
·         IEC
·         MIL
·         ISO Specifications
·         ASTM


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