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Amphe-PD™ Mini and Gen2

Amphenol’s Amphe-PD™ Mini and Gen2 5.7mm series of “RADSOK® enabled” power connectors are a versatile and cost effective solution for your high current interconnect requirements. Available in the compact Mini 5.7mm, 150A or Gen2, 120 amp. The Amphe-PD™ Mini or Gen2 can be housed in black (Mini) or black and red (Gen2) thermoplastic. These Amphe-PD™ series meet RoHS requirements and are UL and IEC finger touch safe. Available in a myriad of configurations for high flex cable, PCB, and screw termination. Custom cable assemblies are available.


Features & Benefits

·         Two way wire-to-board, with 5.7mm RADSOK® technology
·         Low profile and small footprint
·         Available in crimp with 2, 4 and 6 AWG
·         Mechanical latching feature
·         Rated current: 150A (Mini); 120A (Gen2)
·         Available in Black (Mini) and Red or Black (Gen2)


·         UL-94 V0
·         RoHS Compliant

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