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Amphenol’s Amphe-PD™ series of “RADSOK enabled” power connectors is a versatile and cost effective solution for your high current interconnect requirements. Available in the compact 3.6mm, 70A rated option and a larger 5.7mm, 120A big brother. The Amphe-PD™ is reintroduced with a new black PBT housing that is more robust and aesthetically pleasing. The Amphe-PD™ series meets RoHS requirements and is UL and IEC finger touch safe. Available in a myriad of configurations for high flex cable, PCB, and busbar mounting. Custom cable assemblies are available.


Features & Benefits

·         RADSOK® sizes 5.7mm and 3.6mm
·         120A and 70A rated 2 position connector
·         Low profile right angle exit less than ½ inch mated height
·         12 AWG to 4 AWG crimp contact with insulated latching housings
·         RADSOK® Socket and pin / silver over nickel plating
·         High Temp LCP housing for SMT processing of PCB mount receptacles


·         UL
·         IEC finger touch safe
·         RoHS Compliant

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