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Cylindrical, Metal, Threaded Coupling, Benign Environment, Power Connector


The Amphe-Power® Series consists of three of the time-tested and reliable families of Amphenol Industrial Connectors, all of which are MIL-5015 styles, medium to heavy duty cylindricals. This series, enhanced with RADSOK® sockets, can now handle up to 50% higher amperages. Current Amphe-Power® product lines support from 50A to 1000A continuous duty.


Features & Benefits
·         High Reliability Connector Design
·         Lower contact engagement and Separation Forces
·         30 deg C Temperature Rise Over Ambient
·         Voltage Rating: Up to 3000 Vrms max. @ sea level
·         Lower Contact Resistance
·         High Mating Cycle durability – 20,000 cycles
·         Unique Connector Packaging Opportunities
·         Triple Redundant Fully Mated Indicators in the GT Series
·         Wide Variety of Back Shell options
·         -55 deg C to +125 Deg C Temperature Range


·         UL Recognized
·         IP67 Rated in Mated Condition


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