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Amphe-PV H4 Plus™ Cable Connector

Panel, Power, Solar Connector


The Amphe-PV H4 Plus™ from Amphenol Industrial Sustainable Technologies (AIST) is a robust, dual-certified DC connector with UL 6703 1500V & IEC 62852 (ed.1); am 1 1500V (Class A) specifications and certifications. As an evolution of AIST’s well-known H4 connector, the Amphe-PV H4 Plus™ includes the same excellent durability, the same Amphenol-compatible mating configuration, Amphenol’s low resistance RADSOK® contact technology, ability to accept wire gauges from 14AWG/2.5mm² to 8AWG/10mm², and an IP68 rating. Enhancements over the H4 included in the Amphe-PV H4 Plus™ are a ratcheting gland back nut, which prevents backspin once the nut is tightened, an enhanced sealing grommet for even better wet leakage performance, and optimized contact design for excellent long-term stability. By using gland nuts, environmental gaskets, wire-retention collets, and contacts that accept multiple wire gauges, part count is reduced and real cost-savings are generated. AIST’s Amphe-PV H4 Plus™ connector is the ideal choice for all PV modules and installations, regardless of end-market, around the world.


Features & Benefits
·         1500V dual-certified to UL 6703 and IEC 62852 by UL & TÜV
·         Guaranteed to reliably mate with AIST’s entire PV product line
·         NEC Code Compliant (no locking sleeve required; UL certification only)
·         0.20 mΩ low resistance RADSOK® contact (Cold-Formed Contact)
·         Both stamped and formed (S&F) and machined/cold-formed (CF) contact types available, for ease of field installation
·         Accepts wire gauges from 14AWG/2.5mm² to 8AWG/10.0mm²
·         Anti-backspin ratcheting back nut gland
·         Cable OD range from Ø5.0mm to Ø8.7mm
·         UV Resistance
·         Standard operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C


·         UL 6703 and IEC 62852 ,1500V DC
·         UL94 V-0 (self-extinguishing)
·         NEC Code Compliant (no locking sleeve required)
·         IP68 Rating (when mated)
·         RoHS, REACH compliant 

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