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Amphe-PV H4 Plus™ Connectors


Amphenol Industrial Sustainable Technologies now offers a single pole power connector that is designed to exceed the performance of the UTX and H4 family of PV connectors. The Amphe-PV H4 Plus is dual-certified at 1500V DC to UL 6703 and IEC 62852.

Designed for use in photovoltaic PV modules, inverters and installations, these robustly constructed connectors are reliable, durable and stable over their lifetime.

The Amphe-PV H4 Plus offers robust thermal shock performance three times above that of UL requirements; exceeds UL dry heat and damp heat exposure requirements by two times above UL requirements; and surpasses UL humidity and freeze thermal cycling robustness requirements by three times above UL requirements, making them extremely robust in the field.

These new solar connectors use Amphenol’s patented RADSOK technology to achieve higher current ratings, as well as to lower temperature rise and contact resistance, as compared to other contact methods on the market.

The Amphe-PV H4 Plus features a ratcheting cable gland that prevents backspin after termination. It is designed with an enhanced sealing grommet and internal collet for better wet leakage performance and cable retention. The unit’s innovative sealing structure offers stable protection and IP68 (24 hours at 1 meter) performance.

Constructed of high-performance polymer material to ensure long-term stability, this connector has an ambient temperature range of 40˚C to +85˚C, and upper limiting temperature of 120˚C. It is chemical resistant and has low moisture absorption. It accepts wire gauges from 14 AWG/2.5mm² to 8 AWG/10mm².

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Amphe-PV H4 Plus Cable Connector

Amphe-PV H4 Plus Panel Mounted Connector

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