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Amphe-RXS Connector Series

Rectangular, Power and Signal, Brush, Lever Lock or Jack Screw, RADSOK®


Amphenol Industrial is able to mix power and signal terminals into one compact package. These robust connectors are perfect for devices, motors and systems where space is at a premium.

The Amphe-RXS incorporates Amphenol’s patented RADSOK technology for higher amperage, lower t-rise, less resistance and lower mating forces. Because RADSOK® allows ~50% more amperage through the same size pin, using them in the Amphe-RXS makes it extremely compact. These power terminals can range in size from 2.4 mm to 5.7 mm (up to 120 A continuous). The signal terminals can be standard or for high vibrations using AHVB (see Data Sheet) contacts and can range from size 22 to size 16. The all-in-one connection system can accommodate a variety of easy locking solutions ranging from plastic lock tabs to small screws. Lever locks or jack screws, which are bulky, complex and often unreliable, are not needed due to the lower mating forces of our systems.

The cost-effective Amphe-RXS offers a variety of custom options to meet the needs of any user, including sealing methods; crimp, solder or PCB mountings, as well as shielding or blind mating. The connectors can also be overmolded with leads for a value added solution.


Features & Benefits
·         Power terminals sized from 2.4mm to 5.7mm (up to 120 A continuous)
·         Signal terminals can be standard or high vibration (use AHVB contacts) in sizes 22 to 16
·         Terminals can be crimped or solder or mate to a PCB board
·         Temperatures up to 150°C
·         Hand mated (no levers or large bolts)
·         High mating cycles possible
·         Blind mating possible
·         Several locking features styles like small plastic or metal clips or small screws
·         Sealed or unsealed
·         Shielded or unshielded
·         Over-molded possible to supply a value added assembly


·          IP67 and IP69K

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