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AT Circular Series 3 and 5 Pole Plugs


Amphenol Industrial Operations now offers industry-standard, on-vehicle data plug connectors that are designed for vehicle diagnostic and data communication. The AT circular connector (ATC) series is designed to perform in the most demanding applications in heavy duty trucks and buses.

The new 3 and 5 pole standard electrical plugs are designed to improve the quantity and quality of options offered by the ATC series. While the 9 pole provides a J1939 solution of receptacle/contacts/accessories. SAE J1939 is a specified type of controller area network (CAN) that defines the communication pathways for vehicle networks. Through a series of micropro

cessors, a CAN interconnects every device and establishes a common link between each other.

This new connector gives reliable support on CAN systems and helps electrical devices to communicate with each other. Applications include GPS tracking and CAN data communications for diagnostics of vehicle engine speed, temperature, oil temperature and exhaust emissions.

The round receptacles feature simple jam nut mounting for quick assembly and a smaller flange that saves space on mating panels. The heavy-duty industrial connectors are environmentally sealed against moisture and contaminants.

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