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Automation & Robotics Market


Amphenol Industrial Products Group, a global leader in interconnect systems, offers a wide variety of circular connectors, terminal blocks, motion grade connectors, flexible circuits, cable assemblies as well as total box build solutions for the automation and robotics market. The company’s interconnect solutions are designed to excel in both performance and reliability in the most demanding environments. Amphenol has a connector for every automation and robotics application.

Amphenol’s automation and robotics products, distributed by various divisions of the company, are designed for automotive OEM, auto tiers, electronics, consumer packaged goods, plastics and rubber, as well as metals, logistics, medical and recycling and waste applications. They can withstand vibration, salt spray, humidity, dust, EMI/EMC and temperature extremes.

Technical Specifications
  • • Amphenol Industrial Operations (AIO) offers power connectors, including the Micro-B™, Amphe-PD™ and LPT.
  • • Amphenol LTW offers a variety of waterproof connectors that meet harsh environment specifications. These connectors include the largest range of M series, such as M12 S/T/X/M/Y/L/E/F codes, M12/M8 SMT types and M12 X-code. The division also offers the RJ45 Cat.6A adapter, USB 3.1 Type-C and distribution boxes.
  • • Amphenol Sine/Tuchel offers connectors for machine applications, including the C16-3, C091, heavy|mate® C146 series, M23 Elite Series, PowerBosslite™ M22 and PowerBosslite™ M35.
  • • Amphenol PCD Shenzhen offers two products for power and signal applications, including the Xcel power|mate® and industrial terminal block.
  • • Amphenol TPI offers RoboLok™, a three position, high current primary circuit connector and cable protection system.
  • • Amphenol Anytek offers four pluggable series terminal blocks, including the OQ series, TJ series, KD series and the KE series.


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