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Contact Terminal, Bristle, 14 to 70 Points of Contact, Signal, High Mating Cycles

Amphenol Industrial has taken the Brush terminal series used in harsh environment military and aerospace applications for over 30 years and developed it for the Heavy Equipment, Mining, Medical, Rail Mass Transit and other Industrial markets. These revolutionary terminals have multiple strands of high tensile strength wire bundled together on each side of the contact that are then hooded for protection.

Amphenol’s High Vibration Brush (AHVB) terminals are “problem solvers” in all markets because they are made for high vibration, low mating forces, zero fretting and high mating cycles up to 100k. This terminal series is superior for all signal applications where environmental performance is critical to function, because it has 14 to 70 points of contact when mated making it unmatched in the industry. AHVB comes in a compact package size with a 22 AWG contact at the terminal interface, but can also accommodate up to a size 16 gauge cable or have a PCB tail.

AHVB passes vibrations of 53.8 grms at 8 hours per axis and 2000 Hz, 150°C, and has interface seals that make them impervious to chemicals and diesel fluids. These terminals can be used as in-lines or designed into devices, modules and sensors where vibration and fretting can be a major cause of failures and warranty issues.


Features & Benefits

·         Zero fretting
·         Signal contacts rated up to 5 amps continuous
·         Less mechanical assist required at high I/O counts
·         14 to 70 points of contact when mated
·         Interface seals impervious to chemicals/caustic fluids
·         Withstand temperatures to 150°C
·         High vibration (53.8 grms)
·         Low insertion force (1.0 oz typical)
·         High mating cycles - up to 100k
·         Small package size - size 22
·         Accommodates up to size 16 gauge cable or PCB tail


·         IP67 mated and backshells or heat shrink can be added for IP69k
·         Designed to meet SAE J2030


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