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AT Circular Series

Cylindrical, Thermoplastic, Non Threaded Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power Connector


Amphenol Industrial Products Group introduces a series of thermoplastic receptacles featuring Amphenol’s AT contact technology. This series is designed to perform in the demanding applications found on construction and farm equipment, plus truck environments. The AT Circular series is a molded thermoplastic receptacle with a positive reverse bayonet retention system and sealed by redundant grommet wire sealing. The square flange design ensures a drop in replacement to existing panel designs and the jam nut version makes for easy installation. The 9 pin black receptacles are in accordance with the interface of the J1939 diagnostic connector.

AT Contact technology is already used successfully at major OEM’s and features machined contacts with both Nickel and Gold plating.



Features & Benefits
·         Jam nut and square flange mounting styles solution
·         Quick mating and unmating ‐ reverse bayonet coupling
·         Environmentally sealed ‐ sealed against moisture and contaminants
·         Contact retention system decreases installation costs and increases reliability
·         RoHs compliant product
·         Heavy‐duty industrial connector, economical connector selection


·         RoHS compliant


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