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安费诺是全球顶尖连接器制造商之一,也是全球公认的电子设备互连领域的专家。安费诺诚信(Amphenol Sincere) 是安费诺的一个高科技分公司,专业从事电子集成,定制电子封装和增值柔性印刷电路板。安费诺诚信能提供从设计构思到大批量产品生产的成套产品解决方案。

DC Electronics
Amphenol DC Electronics specializes in the production, design liaison, and engineering of custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies. All custom wire assemblies and cable harnesses are produced at a world class manufacturing facility, ISO 13485, ISO 9001/AS9100 certified and UL/CSA safety-approved. This site includes a Class 7, Class 5 Clean Work Area and an ESD Safe Manufacturing Area. In July 2010, Amphenol DC Electronics achieved certification to AS9100C.

EC ND Logo
Established in 1959, Amphenol Nelson-Dunn Technologies (ANDT) is one of the largest Industrial Distributors on the West Coast of hose and hydraulic products, hose assemblies, and hydraulic components. As a division of ANDT, Amphenol EC Systems is the largest manufacturer of Service Loops, cable assemblies and customized cable/ hydraulic solutions to the drilling industry. As drilling equipment and, specifically, Top Drive Systems travel up and down in the drilling mast, a robust and reliable umbilical is necessary to provide the electrical and hydraulic power from the rig to the equipment. As a sort of ultra-heavy-duty "extension cord", this flexible cable and hose bundle (AKA: Service Loop) is a critical component of the overall drilling system. Amphenol EC Systems is recognized for producing the highest quality, highest performance, and most reliable Service Loops and related cable assemblies in the industry.

Goldstar 1

Goldstar 2
Goldstar is located in Baicheng, Jilin Province and Yulin, Guangxi Province, China and is a leader in value-add interconnect products for the diesel engine & heavy equipment markets.

EEC has built a team of skilled professionals to provide the best possible product and service to our Oil Market customers. Our team contains specialists in many areas including Product Realization, Tool and Mold Making, Precision Machining (CAD/CAM) , Production Planning, Electrical Harness and Component Assembly.

Amphenol Technical Products International Co., (ATPI) 是一个加拿大公司,也是一个国际供应商。


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