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Metal, Push Pull Coupling, Harsh and Hazardous environments, Power Connector


All Amtrak special service receptacles are modifications of Pyle-National’s standard MU (multiple unit 27 pole receptacles). All parts are common to all other 27 pole receptacles except the receptacle housings, which are keyed differently to prevent inter-mating of any other 27 pole jumpers. Receptacles can be supplied with or without leads. Wire configuration, per Amtrak standards, calls for 1-#10 wire, five shield twisted pairs, and balance #12 wire. Jumpers are keyed differently from all other 27 pole jumpers to prevent mis-mating. Plug housings are painted blue to match the blue painted receptacles. Jumpers for use between locomotives and between locomotives and lead cars have a suffix “LOCO” following AMTR of the jumper part number. This indicates that the wiring circuitry is different than for car to car jumpers and are not electrically interchangeable.


Features & Benefits
·         70 lbs. maximum Mating and Unmating Forces
·         150 megohms minimum Insulation Resistance
·         1960 volts rms Dielectric withstanding Voltage
·         -57° F to +110° F Operating Ambient Temperature
·         Rain tight per U/L Standard
·         600 volts rms, 400 Amps Electrical Rating
·         Spring loaded cover
·         Receptacle housing RPC-17-WO
·         Low mating and umating forces improves operator safety
·         Design offers repairability and low maintenance and replacement cost


·         U/L Standard


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