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Cord Grips

Variety of Bodies styles, NPT threaded entry, Harsh Environment, Machined components


Amphenol Pyle Industrial Cord Grips make sure your cord or cable stays in and everything else stays out. This product is designed for liquid-tight strain relief of cord, cable, and flexible conduit. Available in straight, 45°, and 90° styles, Amphenol/Pyle cord grips are UL listed, and CSA certified. Amphenol/Pyle National Cord Grips provide a complete array of sealing and hardware types. Whether the application calls for a small straight sealing body design, or a larger angles style, Amphenol/Pyle National Cord Grips provide rugged aluminum components to withstand years of service.  


Features & Benefits
·         UL Listed and CSA certified
·         Tapered rubber grommet and seat
·         Variety of styles: straight, 45°, 90°, and flexible
·         Various strain relief options including compression nuts, mechanical clamps or basketweave grips
·         Tapered conduit threads to provide secure mating and sealing
·         Machined aluminum components for a rugged, long lasting cable sealing option


·         UL
·         CSA


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