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Eaxtron - UL1977 DIN Connector

Material Handling, Forklift, Charging Connector, DIN, Power


Amphenol Industrial Operations (AIO) has partnered with Eaxtron who has designed a state of the art female contact. The patented Vortex Clip™ significantly improves all aspects of the connection interface. Not only does the unique spiraling shape allow for more contact points, providing a higher rate of conductivity, it also facilitates coupling with eighty percent less effort than the industry standard!

Amphenol Industrial Operations / Eaxtron contacts are made from pure copper (Cu11 000) and plated with an industry leading 6µm of silver. The plating ensures minimal wear and tear on the contact. Even more importantly the patented vortex clip significantly reduces coupling friction, further maximizing the lifetime of the contact. Polyamide material guarantees robust performance in even the toughest of working conditions. These flexible handles are highly durable, so you can avoid the most common cause and cost of early replacement, broken handles. By virtue of these innovations, the initial results of ongoing tests show that an AIO connector lasts up to twelve thousand cycles, more than double the industry standard.

Features & Benefits

·         Patented Arcless Locking Mechanism
·         UL 1977 12000 mating cycles compared to 7k from competition
·         Multiple voltage ratings from 24V to 80V with color coded cable clamps
·         160A / 320A / 430A options - Also able to Dual Stack
·         2x Power Pins and up to 4x Signal Pins
·         Lifetime Guaranteed Flexible Handle
·         Polyamid Acid Proof Housing
·         Silver Plated Vortex contacts - 80% less mating force
·         Easy Contact Loader system
·         Comes as a cable assembly as well as connector only
·         Accepts 1/0 AWG to 4/0 AWG cable


·         UL 1977

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