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GTC-E Series

Metal, Reverse Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment

GTC-E series is designed for commercial and industrial environments requiring a rugged bayonet style and field installation connector for heavy duty power and signal applications.

GTC-E series can mate with Amphenol GT Series Reversed Bayonet Coupling Connectors. The insulators are made of fire proof plastic material.

Common applications include rail mass transit, heavy equipment, automation, instrumentation and robotics.


Features & Benefits

·         1/3 Turn Reverse Bayonet

·         Quick positive coupling

·         Audible and tactile indication of full coupling

·         High shock and vibration capabilities

·         Rugged construction

·         Crimp Termination

·         RADSOK® socket contacts available

·         Operating Voltage: 500 VAC

·         Current Rate: 150 A

·         Operating Temperature: -40°C to +125°C

·         500 Mating Cycles


·         RoHS

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