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H4 Panel Connector

Amphenol Industrial now offers the H4 Panel Connector, a panel mount photovoltaic (PV) connector featuring RADSOK technology. This new connector offers higher current ratings and lower contact resistance resulting in lower power losses and is compatible with standard industry connectors, including Amphenol's H4 line, for easy integration.

Amphenol's new H4 Panel Connector was designed for applications that use solar inverters and combiner boxes. The H4 Panel Connector is dual-rated for UL and TÜV. The connector meets NEC 2008 requirements without the need for extra locking collars or locking sleeves and is available in three different gauges including 14 AWG rated at 36A, 12 AWG rated at 45A and 10 AWG rated at 52A. This new RoHS compliant H4 Panel Connector is ready for field assembly and is UV and Ozone resistant.


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