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Amphe-Coal EX

Cylindrical, Stainless Steel, Threaded Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power and Signal Connector, Hazardous Classified Listings.

With the ever growing need in underground explosive mining areas for increased power and/or signal in a smaller package, Amphenol is pleased to introduce the Amphe-Coal EX circular connector series.

The Amphe-Coal EX series is designed, manufactured, and certified to one of the highest mining industry standards: IECEx Group 1. Amphe-Coal EX connectors are a miniature version of our Amphe-Mine EX. The design allows the use of smaller wire gauge, down to #26 AWG. These interconnects are comprised of a stainless steel bodied plug and receptacle to form an in-line cable or cable-to-panel connection. Each plug and receptacle shell is supplied with a certified cable gland that fits onto the main body of the device. Internally, the shell of each half contains an insert that houses solder or crimp type contacts, pin or socket. Numerous hybrid inserts are available that offer a combination of copper and Coax/Twinax.


Features & Benefits

·         Underground mining explosion proof design
·         Hazardous area, environmental connector IP68
·         Rated up to 217 amps at 1250 V DC I 900 V AC
·         Triple-lead threaded coupling system
·         With EEx d Cable Glands
·         Vast family of inserts, for power, signal and mixed applications
·         7 different shell sizes: 09, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21
·         Insert configurations ranging from 2 #20 AWG, up to 79 #22D AWG
·         Numerous hybrid inserts available that offer a combination of copper and Coax/Twinax


·         IECEx Certified for Group 1 Mining. Cert. # ITA 12.0009X
·         IECEx Certified for Group 2 Cert. # SIR 08.0029X
·         ATEX Certified for Zone 1-IIc hazardous environment. Cert. # SIRA 07ATEX122


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