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Cylindrical, Metal & Composite, Compression Fit, Power Connector


Amphenol Oil & Gas Technologies now offers Downhole Rotatable (DHR) Connector series. We have radically redesigned these products to reduce failure points and increase reliability. Fully compatible with existing housings and mountings for the Bluestar and Tensor Rotary Connectors, these connectors offer high temperature sealed connections standard in the downhole industry.

Amphenol’s DHR Connector is made from high temperature Bakelite plastics with gold-plated BeCu contact bands. Our patent-pending process enables the creation of 1-piece contacts, from the ring- through the back end, of each connector. These solid connectors have eliminated solder and laser- weld failure points within the connector, and have increased the strength and life of such connectors.


Features & Benefits
·         High Temperature: 200°C
·         High Temperature Bakelite Plastics insulation material
·         Fully compatible with major competitor products in the industry
·         Tabbed connections capable of carrying up to 5 amps per contact
·         8 Contacts Currently Available; 4, 6, 7, 10, etc. coming soon


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