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Solar Grounding Lug, Tin Plated Copper, Screw Termination

The HelioLug is a grounding component for solar modules and solar racking systems allowing easy termination to the ground wire.

The HelioLug has a versatile enough design it can be used for commercial or utility scale installations as well as residential installations. It is UL 2703 certified for use with a ground wire, eliminating potential code compliance surprises. The HelioLug comes with all the certified custom hardware needed for making rapid, secure connections to PV modules and racks.

Features & Benefits
·         UL 2703 certified grounding lug
·         Meets all NEC 2008/2011 requirements
·         Quick and easy installation
·         For use with virtually all module frames and racks, (0.09 inches (2 mm) to 0.25’ (6.35 mm) thick)
·         Capable of accepting 4-12 AWG solid copper conductors
·         Code compliant "first make - last break" grounding system
·         Compatible with all module grounding holes, (0.16" (4mm) to 0.295" (7.5mm))
·         Certified reusable hardware for servicing without replacement

·         UL 2703 E338690
·         QIMS7 (Canada) E338690
·         NEC 2008/2011


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