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Hercules II PV Junction Box

Junction Box, Composite, Power


The Amphenol Industrial Solar Technologies Hercules series of PV Junction Boxes now includes the Hercules II. This series was developed to meet the stringent technical requirements of the solar industry, yet offers significant design flexibility. By using a standardized geometry the box lends itself well to automatic assembly and incorporates a sealed design providing heat dissipation for better temperature cycling.

Hercules II junction box diodes can be matched to any photovoltaic (PV) panel’s specifications for optimal electrical protection. Amphenol offers a variety of diodes in multiple current ratings. The contacts can be terminated either through a spring clamp or solder. Hercules can be used in conjunction with Amphenol’s H4 self-locking connectors. The connectors meet the NEC 2008/2011 standard and provide a higher current rating and lower power loss.


Features & Benefits
·         UL certified to 1000V
·         TUV certified to 1000V
·         IP 67 rated
·         Potting or O-Ring Seal Options
·         Minimal Potting Volume
·         Supports clipping, soldering or spot welding
·         Uniform dimensions, multiple diode and contact variations
·         Cost effective high performance solution


·         UL
·         TUV
·         IP67


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