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Rail Mass Transit


railAmphenol Industrial Operations is a leading supplier of technology for interconnect systems. These interconnect solutions are used worldwide for environments that range from simple and benign to complicated and harsh. Modern Rail systems demand technology that will provide cost efficient, cutting edge technical solutions that support these systems. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide interconnect solutions that meet the stringent requirements of modern railway applications, whether above, below or inside the car or in the trackside signal cabinets.

Amphenol provides a wide range of circular connectors for the Rail industry. These connectors, known as the GT Reverse Bayonet series, meet all the requirements of the transit specifications: Quarter Turn Bayonet, MIL-C-5015 based insert patterns, Low Smoke resilient inserts and grommets, non-cadmium plating variations.

Amphenol is not limited to the circular product arena as are other connector manufacturers. Our global manufacturing portfolio allows us to offer interconnect systems that include but are not limited to intercar jumpers and harnesses, fiber optic systems, EMC and RoHS compliant systems, all of which are functional in high power or signal applications.

So regardless of your application, if it needs a simple signal connector or a complex car to car jumper, Amphenol is the company to call.


locomotive_small Locomotives
Today’s diesel-powered, electric and hybrid locomotive manufacturers face challenges to reduce the end users cost of ownership by improving efficiency without sacrificing pay load power and working reliability. This coupled with the harsh conditions they are used in, such as varying temperatures, inclement weather, areas where dirt and other debris are common makes electrical connections so important. Amphenol Industrial’s strength include over 50 years of experience in manufacturing connectors, jumpers and cable assemblies that meet this type of customer demand. Let us help you incorporate connectors into such areas as speed sensors, hot bearing detectors, Ethernet, and traction motors to name a few.



Light Rail Vehicles
Light rail vehicles (LRV) are sometimes known as streetcars and/or trams which operate along their own right-of-way or along streets that share space with road traffic. Light rail vehicles generally handle lesser volumes of people than vehicles classified as heavy rail. Power is provided electrically by use of a third-rail or above car system known as a pantograph which transfers power to the traction units. Amphenol Industrial has both rectangular and circular interconnects that are commonly used for the cab control units, traction control systems, wayside track equipment like track switching controls and positive train control systems.




Heavy Rail Vehicles
Regional rail and inter-city passenger transportation vehicles are often called heavy rail vehicles because they service a higher volume of people. These vehicles are often powered electrically by a third rail or pantograph system or alternatively pulled by a locomotive. These vehicles face the same harsh environmental factors as Locomotives and light rail vehicles. Amphenol Industrial has interconnects for inter-car jumpers and cables, propulsion systems, brakes, doors, HVAC, event recorders and cab controls. Amphenol prides itself on new design and product development with a focus on harsh environment and high power.

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