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Lighting Market


At Amphenol we understand Lighting has unique interconnect needs. Amphenol provides high performance connectors, wire and cable, fiber-optic connectors and management equipment, custom assemblies and interconnection products for professional lighting markets.

We know lighting has more product applications than just illumination. Cabling, dimmers, lighting instruments, and controllers are all part of the ecosystem. Amphenol offers the widest selection of robust interconnect products that can complement all industrial lighting needs.

Technical Specifications
  • • Amphenol Anytek offers three fixed-type series terminal blocks used in LED lighting and lighting control applications, including HB series, HC series and NQ series.
  • • Amphenol Sine Systems offers a range of products ideal for the lighting industry, such as the eco|mate® Aquarius series and the A series AT thermoplastic connector series
  • • Amphenol LTW (ALTW) offers the widest range of connector series, including X-Lok (push lock and blind mate) with extended options in screw-in termination, HS-Lok (push-pull and blind mate), circular lock bayonet and threaded connectors, M12/M8 shielded series, FICX series, as well as the SSL series for both indoor and outdoor applications

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