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Design Online

Amphenol Industrial Operations is pleased to provide our current and future customers with “Design Online”.

Design Online

What is “Design Online”?

Design Online is a web based resource for configuring a part number, selecting additional modifications, and downloading 3D CAD models or PDFs of our most popular connectors. This tool provides on-demand plug and play models at your fingertips during any phase of your design cycle.

How does “Design Online” work?


Choose which product line will be used in your design
Select your desired attributes which will return a configured part number
Pick any applicable modifications to the connector (i.e. insert rotation)
Download any or all of the available documents for your configured part number, including, a 3D CAD model (industry standard file extensions available), 3D PDF (latest Adobe Reader required), 2D drawing, catalog, and technical data

How do I access “Design Online”?

Desgin Online can be accessed by clicking the button or any of the images on this page.

If there is a drawing or model you cannot locate on our site please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.




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