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Magnetic Safety Latching Connectors from Onanon Can Be Used in Both Reusable and Disposable Applications


Onanon, Inc., an Amphenol Company, and world-class innovator, designer and manufacturer of electromechanical connectors, now offers a series of magnetic safety latching connectors for reusable, disposable and harsh environment applications. The MagConnect™ series is ideal for use in medical and industrial applications where precision and quality are most critical.

Currently available in two styles, Hero™ with 20 pins and Rho™ with 16 pins, the MagConnect series of connectors feature an intuitive design that allows for easy alignment, and self-latching, as well as blind mating to ensure a reliable connection. The magnetic safety latch on the connectors can be customized for low to high retention force that meets the user’s need for both reliability and safety.


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