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Amphenol Industrial Operations is committed to the energy and power generation industry.  We offer products to meet the current and future needs of both traditional and new energy technologies.  Amphenol provides a broad range of products for data transfer, control and monitoring, and power distribution.  In addition, we can provide customized solutions to meet the needs of the industry.  Amphenol is continually developing new technologies to offer the best reliable solution to the energy markets.  Our products and services deliver reliability, ease of installation, low loss, and the high signal integrity required for this demanding market. Let Amphenol Industrial help you offer the most competitive and reliable energy products available in the world.



Amphenol Industrial has become the “One Stop Shop” for the Photovoltaic market, with a complete line of products to cover the entire PV system. Our product line offers a complete package, centered around the H4 connector. Built on our foundation of efficient contact technology, the product is a reliable, cost effective solution. Amphenol’s vast global manufacturing capability has addressed the needs of the solar industry with short lead times and tremendous capacity



The modern Wind Turbine brings a unique challenge of a large and complex bill of materials, with demanding environmental requirements. Amphenol is well suited to provide a wide array of harsh environment solutions, while still satisfying a cost conscious industry. Our products stand above the rest in temperature extremes and high vibration. And as the industry leader in the Offshore market, our connectors excel in salt spray and high moisture conditions. Our global footprint places Amphenol within easy reach of our customers, wherever they need us.



Nuclear Power Industry
Amphenol and Pyle National provided the Nuclear Industry with reliable connectors decades ago. With today’s resurgence of reactor overhauls and new construction, Amphenol is poised to provide the same proven technology. Our custom cable assembly capabilities and unique knowledge of hazardous environments means that we have the materials and products that are proven to perform in this application.



Distributed Energy
From small scale turbine engines and Micro-turbines to fuel cells and Stirling engines, and everything in between, Amphenol has connector solutions to match. With a proven history in the portable turbine generator market, and industry leading contact technology, we can address the unique requirements that the power generation technology of the future demands.



Large Scale Power Generation Product Line
Large scale power generation in the form of Steam and Gas Turbine technology continues to provide the main source of electrical power to the grid. Amphenol has been providing interconnect solutions to this market for over 40 years. We have a wide variety of power and signal connectors, integrated solutions and new custom designs to serve this growing market.

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