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Micro-Bayonet Connector Series

Cylindrical, Metal, Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment, Low Power & Signal Connector


Amphenol Industrial offers a high performance circular connector product range developed for industrial applications where electrical performance must be met with affordability. High mating cycles along with excellent shell to shell electrical bonding for EMI are the benchmark of rugged connectors. Amphenol's new Micro-Bayonet series provides the solution that meets your budget and performance goals. Amphenol Industrial has filled the gap between the most ruggedized military grade connectors and the consumer grade connectors with the Micro-B.

Micro-B utilizes a robust triple bayonet coupling mechanism along with an internal EMI ground spring to provide excellent shell to shell conductivity. Various mounting options are available including in-line and 2 hole flange mount configurations.


Features & Benefits
·         Low cost solution, an alternative for D-sub
·         Used for signal control, low current application
·         Simplified Termination with Tape and Reel Contacts
·         Shell-to-Shell Shielding
·         Bayonet Coupling Provides Quick and Positive Locking
·         Easy to crimp and install
·         Meets Smoke, Toxicity and Flammability Requirements
·         High Reliability Interconnect for Demanding Applications
·         Secure Latching
·         Tool-Less & Fast Mate
·         Compact and Lightweight
·         High Density


·          RoHS Compliant

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