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MIL 5015
Product Description: Cost effective circular, metal, multi-pin, threaded coupling  signal or power connector for benign or harsh environments. SAE-AS50151 qualified.
Amphenol’s 5015 series is a rugged, versatile and environmental resistant connector with proven electrical capability in a cost effective package. 5015 series connectors are medium to heavy weight cylindrical connectors with 5 shell styles, 19 shell sizes and 5 service classes. The 5015 offers 305 contact arrangements from 1 to 104 circuits. It is available in solder or crimp contacts, environmentally resistant options, threaded coupling (fine thread), coaxial and thermocouple contacts, and ROHS compliant versions. This helps make Amphenol’s 5015 series an industry leading product.
Features & Benefits
·         Environmental sealing
·         Optional filtering capabilities for receptacle connectors (Amphe-dB series)
·         Combined power and signal all in one connector
·         The RADSOK advantage provides contacts that handle up to 150% higher amperages than standard contacts.(Amphe-Power series)
·         Over 300 insert patterns allows for easy customization.
·         Threaded coupling (fine thread)
·         Single key/keyway polarization
·         Coaxial and thermocouple contact options
·         RoHS plating and contact options available (AC Threaded series)
·         Low Smoke and Fluid Resistant inserts available (AC Threaded series)
·         SAE-AS50151, formerly MIL-DTL-5015 (F and R classes only)
·         EN 45545-2

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